WELCOME to Kiabindhi Bengals, we hope you will stay a while and have a look at our cats and kittens. We are in the beautiful Lanarkshire countryside in Southern Scotland. We breed beautiful, cutting edge Bengal cats, our aim is for happy, healthy kittens with great personalities. Our kittens are born and brought up in our home, they get lots of love and attention. My husband is a vet and I spend all day with the cats and kittens. First and foremost all of our cats are our much loved pets, if you have ever had a Bengal cat you will know what I mean.
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We breed, Charcoal, Brown Rosetted, Seal Mink and Seal Lynx Bengals , most kittens will be available as special pets or very occasionally breeding kittens to the UK.
We are registered as breeders with TICA and have been members for many years.  TICA WEBSITE

email: kiabindhi@gmail.com   Phone: 01357 529522   Mobile: 07713 926330

Sunstorm Ducati is here :-)


Alfie , thank you Karen. What a super boy, his markings are looking fab !!

Img 0761

Sapphi Thank you Caroline, she has been watching me taking my photos, budding photographer :-)

Img 20160621 103729

Love this photo of Buddy and Tara in their new home. Thank you David.

Img 20160801 wa0000

Alfie and Casper settling into their new home. Thank you Shauna

Hi everybody and welcome to our website here at Kiabindhi.     Thank you to everyone who has been out and reserved your kittens, I hope they will bring you great joy....
All is relatively quiet here at Kiabindhi at the moment, our last kittens for a short while will be leaving to go to their pet homes in a couple of weeks, I will miss them as they have been such good fun and happy kittens. I am sure they will give hours of happiness to their new owners.
We have had Tia mating to Calzaghe, Summer mating Tuilagi,  Icey mating with Lomu. So fingers crossed for some lovely kittens in August. There could be a variety of colours from these matings . Have a super summer :-)
20160811 110122

Kiabindhi Ice Maiden, Icey, we are hoping that she is having kittens with our young boy Lumo. Fingers crossed.


Please, please do not buy kittens from backyard breeders, why are their kittens sold cheaply ? because they feed the kittens cheap, unsuitable food, don`t vaccinate or worm their kittens, keep them in poor conditions. Some let kittens leave at 8 weeks old or even younger, at that age they should still be with their mums !!!!
The mums and dads will have been bought as pets, they were not supposed to have been bred from. More and more good and honest Bengal breeders are having to give up breeding their beautiful, healthy cats because of these unscrupulous people.

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