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We live in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, Scotland


Hi everybody, I hope you are all well.  I have re-opened my website to find forever homes for my remaining beautiful cats. Some of my cats have already left and are now settled in wonderful and loving homes. Over the next few weeks I am going to be adding photos and give information about the cats who are looking for homes. The cats will all be spayed and neutered, vaccinations up to date and microchipped.


Tia is a very beautiful girl, she is a blue eyed seal lynx Bengal, she has a beautiful white coat with large rosettes. Tia has mesmerising almond shaped eyes which are a stunning blue colour. She was born April 2014. Tia has now been spayed and also microchipped.

So some information on her temperament, she is a very roly poly girl who rolls around on the stairs or carpet when she is happy. In my opinion she would be better in a home with adults or older children. We had a visit from young children recently to see her and she was a bit scared and ran upstairs, it was probably the excited squeals of the children that did it as she has never really had to deal with them before. 

As usual I would not like her to go where there is a chance of her getting outside and being run over. If you think you would like to give a special home to Tia please just give me a call. Please understand that she could be a bit scaredy when she first meets you, please dont let that put you off as I know what a wonderful girl she is. :-) 




Icey is 5 years old, her birthday being 23rd July. I love her she has been such a joy to look after. She was an excellent mum , feeding the kittens well and keeping them clean and was also very protective of them. She has a super lush coat with large rosettes.  Icey would have to be the only cat in the household as she likes her own space. She would be ok with a dog though I guess. Icey is ready to leave, spayed and fully vaccinated. A countryside home would be preferred but anywhere away from traffic of any type. Email me if you think you could give her a home. Thank you




So this is Jasmine, she is a beautiful seal lynx Bengal. She came all the way from the Netherlands from a breeder there. Jasmine is four years old, she gets on well with other cats. She is quite timid and doesn`t like being picked up but I think with the right home she will be a wonderful pet. This is my guess about a new home for her, an older person who spends a lot of time at home and is looking for a companion. You would have to be patient with her as she might hide for a few hours when she first gets to your home.